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Deforestation news from around the world first on the list is a Indonesian company who just saw the the world environmental groups gather on its own soil in Bali , one of the planned issues were countries who don't emit carbon may gather credits and sell them on the open market

Deforestation credits head for the voluntary carbon markets, UK - Jan 4, 2008
Two Indonesian states determined to halt deforestation are getting ready to sell their forest carbon credits on the voluntary markets. ...
Corruption blamed for deforestation, Philippines - Jan 3, 2008
... Philippines -- Environment Secretary Lito Atienza admitted on Thursday that corrupt environment personnel were behind the massive deforestation in the ...
DENR graft seen behind rape of Sierra Madre
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Radar Technology May Help to Monitor Deforestation, WSJ Says
Bloomberg - Jan 3, 2008
3 (Bloomberg) -- Radar-based technology may help to monitor deforestation and check whether governments are upholding their pledges to conserve the ...
Africa: Saving the Continent's Forests - The 'Lungs of the World', Washington - 23 hours ago
Preserving Africa's surviving tropical forests and planting new trees to replace those lost to deforestation could help reduce the severity of climate ...
US corn subsidies promote Amazon deforestation
Forest (subscription), Canada - Jan 4, 2008
Amazon deforestation and fires are being aggravated by US farm subsidies, claims STRI’s staff scientist William Laurance. ...
Experts promote new ways to fight deforestation
Jakarta Post, Indonesia - Jan 2, 2008
... research evaluation unit, Suhariyanto, said public knowledge about timber varieties was extremely limited, which contributed heavily to deforestation. ...
Good news, of a sort, for trees and their friends
Seattle Post Intelligencer - Jan 3, 2008
For rainforest campaigners, the Bali statement's allusion to an urgent need for "meaningful action to reduce emissions from deforestation and forest ...

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