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The varied culture of France is incomplete without flowers and a Frenchmen cannot imagine an important occasion without flowers. The national flower of France is the Stylized Lily and tourists to France can not only enjoy some of the scenes but also its flowers. The indigenous flowers of France rank just next to the wine in being the identity of France. The native flowers of France make for the perfect scenery around for tourists in the country. In the rural region of France one can find quite a few houses that do not grow flowers in the open space around their homes. People also use flowers to decorate their homes in France.

There is a great abundance of flowers in France and the local varieties of France have their way all across the flower market of the world. The region of Gourdon in France is particularly famous for its flowers because this French region has a very conducive climate for growing flowers, Gourdon gets plenty light from the sun hence flowers grow naturally in the region. The most well known flowers that grow in this region include Lilies, Gourdon Flowers, Purple Flower, Iris Flowers, Rosemary Bush and Cacti Cours Saleya. The French indigenous flowers such as Multicolored Roses, Lilies, Christmas Poinsettia Plant, Sunflowers, Daffodils Gerberas, and Castile are not always used in gifts.

The Rosemary Bush is the native variety of flower that grows in the village of Gourdon in France and its scientific name is Rosmarinus officinalis. This variety of native French flowers blossoms during spring and summer and the most famous place where these flowers are grown is called as the La Source Parfumee in Gourdon. This particular variety is famous for its scent and hence it is mostly grown in the perfumery. The many varieties of Gerbera flowers is also found in France and this flower has a great vase life and can stay fresh as long as five to six days if kept properly dipped in water. One can get a variety of colors in Gerberas such as from light to dark yellow, orange, pink, brilliant scarlet and many more colors.

The Iris flowers are another variety of indigenous flowers that grow in France, especially in the village of Gordon in the Alpes. The scientific name for this variety of flowers is Iris versicolor and there are as many as 200 to 300 different varieties of this flower all over the world. The Greek root of this flower means rainbow. King Louis 12th of France made the fleur-de-lis or the Iris as the French symbol and this fact is enough to know the significance of the flower for the French. This variety of French indigenous flowers can be grown from bulbs in dry climates or one can also grow it from a rhizome. In the French perfume industry the rhizomes of Iris are used greatly to produce iris butter which is an oily compound. Thus this native variety of flower in France is beautiful as well as useful in making exquisite perfumes.

The lilies also grow in France as in other parts of the world and there are different varieties of lilies all over the world. The French also grow roses in great abundance and its history for the country dates back to the 13th century and in the eighteenth century newer varieties of roses were imported from Holland and Belgium that added to the cultivation of roses in France. The cabbage rose is the hybrid variety of rose that was produced in the 16th century in Grasse. The extraction of the rose essence is mainly done from the cabbage rose and it takes its name because this particular variety of rose in France has hundred petals. In history the Malmaison garden of Empress Josephine had a significant collection of the different varieties of roses. The passion of this empress for rose allowed France to be the reference country for roses in the 19th century. Thus the cultivation of roses in France is related with the royalty.

In the wake of global warming it become even more important to save the indigenous species of flowers and one of the most important ways to do this is to have separate botanical gardens or separate cultivation zones for such endangered species of flowers. Although it is difficult but not impossible to save the endangered species of flowers of the world and let posterity know the varieties of flowers that the world has.

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